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The D-Day Story
South East

Clarence Esplanade
Hampshire, PO5 3NT
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Discover the personal stories of those who took part in the Normandy Campaign

How do you get an army across the English Channel and into France when your enemy is well armed, well trained and expecting you? Find out at The D-Day Story.

The museum tells the personal stories of the epic campaign

Your visit now starts at LCT 7074, the enormous Landing Craft Tank able to transport 10 tanks and their crew members across the channel. This vessel, the last of its kind, has been restored following a huge conservation project.

Inside the museum you go through preparation, the Battle of Normandy and the legacy of the campaign, to discover everything to know about D-Day. Your visit ends with a walk around the 83-metre Overlord Embroidery, which tells the story in its own fascinating way.