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Goodleaf Tree Climbing
South East

The Goodleaf Tree
Isle of Wight, PO33 1BX
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Climb into the canopy of a magnificent English oak tree with this unique recreational tree climbing activity.

Goodleaf Tree Climbing provide a unique recreational tree climbing adventure in a magnificent oak tree near the golden sands of Appley beach Ryde.

With friendly instructors on hand to show you the ropes you’ll ascend into the canopy where you can climb up to 15 m. Swing around as you go up or lay back relax in a special canopy hammock slung between the branches. Back on the ground, celebrate your climb on the picnic blanket with refreshments including a piece of ‘Tree Climber’s Flapjack’. 

Accessibility Information

We’d love as many people to as possible to experience the magic of tree climbing.  Our tree climbing system is extremely adaptable and we have specialist equipment and training that allow us to provide an inclusive, accessible tree climbing experience.

We believe everyone can gain something from the opportunity of being aloft, even if it’s only a few feet off the ground and only for a short period.  We’ve climbed  with families where a member has additional needs, with individuals and also with small groups of people with disabilities including those with very limited mobility and muscle control. We welcome the opportunity to make tree climbing work for your specific needs.

Tree climbing takes place outside and the terrain is grassy and uneven. Our tree is located at the bottom of a very small slope.