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Food Restaurant
South East

6 New Street
West Sussex, BN11 3BT
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Where exquisite food is central to the theme.

All the effort has been made to make a meal at FOOD an extra special experience. Our restaurant was custom-designed with a fabulous eatery in mind, so everything from the layout (a vast central atrium overlooked by split-level balconies) to lavish furnishings and the absence of corners is there to enhance the diner’s experience. The result is an impressively luxurious interior normally only experienced by those with several noughts behind their bank balance.

At FOOD we only buy in the raw materials to cook our food, so everything is made from scratch. Our on-site bakery delivers the freshest bread and pastries, and even our gravies and pasta are homemade. You won’t find any added salt or e-numbers in our food, and we source all our ingredients from their country of origin.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that many of our clients travel from afar to sample the FOOD restaurant experience. There are regular themed nights throughout the year and we are open every day, including bank holidays.

“I feel what and how you eat tells us a story of who you are. At FOOD restaurant, we aspire for you to indulge in our fresh cuisine and luxurious surroundings and finish with a happy ending.” 

Andy Sparsis, Founder of Proto Restaurant Group