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Moreton Church
South Coast

Dorset, DT2 8RH
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Our church and it's wonderful collection of Sir Laurence Whistler's engraved glass windows is open without charge every day of the year.

Unique church featuring the world largest collection of Sir Laurence Whistler's engraved glass windows. A must see for all art lovers.

The first church was built in 1190 and rebuilt in 1410 and 1776. A war time bombing on 8 October 1940 extensively damaged the church and the refurbishment resulted in the 13 uniquely artistic engraved glass windows by Sir Laurence Whistler that we have today. Sir Laurence Whistler is general regarded as the man who revived glass engraving in the 20th century and he spent nearly 40 years of his life working on the church. The first windows being installed in 1955 and the last window, which was engraved in 1993, and only installed in 2013. (Note: The 13th window can only be seen from outside the church. Follow the gravel path). Lawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence) is also buried in the New Cemetery across the road. You can also explore the village of Moreton with a free entry walled garden, two tearooms, the River Frome and plenty of countryside walks.