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The picturesque, ancient, fishing village of Clovelly is uniquely special and was once owned by the Queen of England

Clinging to a 400 foot cliff, it has no vehicular traffic, just donkeys and sledges. Its steep, cobbled street tumbles its way down to the ancient fishing harbour and C14th quay bringing glorious views along the way. It is a descent through flower-strewn cottages broken only by little passageways and winding lanes that lead off to offer the prospect of further picturesque treasures. It combines a rich environment and an historic village, with so much to see and explore.

This famous cobbled street, known as 'Up-a-long' or 'Down-a-long', was built of stones hauled up from the beach. Man-powered sledges transport all goods to the village, from groceries to furniture. Donkeys used to be the main form of transport for centuries, but now mainly give children rides around their meadow during the summer or can be seen posing for photographs in the street.