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Bridlington Harbour

West End
Yorkshire, YO15 3AN
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Bridlington Harbour is a great attraction for all ages, trawlers bring their catch of fish to Bridlington where it is loaded onto refrigerated lorries for its journey to the various fish markets.

The Harbour also houses private yachts, private fishing boats, speedboat, pleasure craft, the Yorkshire Belle and the Pirate Ship. There is a great selection of ice cream, waffle and fish and chip kiosks surrounding the harbour providing treats for all tastes.

The Harbour, located in Bridlington Quay, was established where a small stream known as the Gypsey Race runs into the sea. The area was only a small fishing village until the discovery of a chalybeate spring which saw the emergence of the town as a seaside resort in the 19th century.

Today, the Harbour Commissioners are taking care of a harbour that continues to lead the way for the British shellfish industry.

The harbour is home to almost 100 mostly small businesses providing employment for almost 400 people and playing an essential and integral role in the resort’s economy.