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For holiday inspiration, the best things to see on the coast and an insight into life on England’s Coast, click on the local stories and blogs below.

Discover a new skill – try paddleboarding

Escape the beach and head out on a paddleboard, explore beaches and coves impossible to reach on foot – but have a lesson first!

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The Guardhouse Café

How did global travellers Alex and Lucy Foley turn a 19th century fortress in Devon into a highly successful café scooping scores of awards in just five years?

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Baboo Gelato

After years of global travel, four children and an orchard overflowing with fruit, what better move than to launch two Italian-style gelato kiosks in Dorset. They now employ up to 40 staff.

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Easy day trips from London to the English coast

​One of the great surprises for many visitors is just how accessible the coast is from the capital of the UK. Here’s how you do it: make your way to a mainline railway station in London. Hop on a train and between one hour and 2 ½ hours later you’re delivered at the coast!

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Unmissable coastal castles

Castles are built in turbulent times or in anticipation of trouble and few places in England know more about both than the north-eastern county of Northumberland.

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The English Coast – a stocked larder!

When most of us head for the coast we’re anticipating the spectacle of beach, clifftop walks and seascapes. John Wright, a professional forager, views the English coast rather differently: he sees a larder stocked with food waiting to be picked and enjoyed.

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Yorkshire Coast Nature

​Photographer Steve and ecologist Richard are business partners who spend their lives in the stunning landscapes of North Yorkshire, running wildlife watching and wildlife photography tours by foot and by boat.

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Spring into life with a break on the English Coast!

Many nature writers are fond of saying that, were they prime minister for a day, they would pass a law ordering the nation to take the month of May as holiday. Some go further and say that you should spend all that time at the coast.

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